Reply to a Dead Man for actor and chamber ensemble (2014) Written for actor Steven Anthony Jones and the Left Coast Chamber ensemble. Scored for actor, viola, string bass, guitar, flute, oboe.
First performance March 20, 2014.

we turn in the night in a circle of fire, Concerto for Two Violins and Chamber Ensemble (2015). 
Written for the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. Hrabba Atladottir & Gabriela Diaz, violin soloists, Steve Schick, conducting. Scored for 2 violins, viola, cello, bass, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone.

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Tiny Font for string quintet (2013) Written for the St Louis Symphony. First performance March 15, 2013.

Elective Affinities for gayageum and string quartet (2009)
Written for the Pacific Rim Festival.
First performed April 23, 2010, UC Santa Cruz, CA by Ji-young Yi and the Lydian String Quartet, Laurie San Martin conducting.
Listen | Video

Epithalamion for viola and cello (2006)
Written for Tanya Maggi and David Russell
First performed October 28, 2007, Berkeley Art Center, Darcy Rindt, viola, and Dan Reiter, cello.


DIVA! for four violas (2003)
Written for Ellen Ruth Rose.
First performed May 31, 2003. Davis Art Center, Davis, CA.

Kythe for string quartet (2002)
Commissioned by the Park City Residency.
First performed July 20, 2002, Sundance Institute, Kythe Quartet.

Threshold for viola and cello (1999)
Written for David Russell and Tanya Maggi.
First performed May 5, 1999, Brandeis University.
movement 1 Listen
movement 2 Listen
movement 3 Listen

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